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Skulptur "Soaring Aspirations"

Art of Life - 

the desire and ability to enjoy life! 

H12original is not a hotel - It is an art gallery with beds. An art and lifestyle hotel at 1750 meters above sea level - 12 Rooms and Suites created by 12 international Artists from Bejing to New York. Minimalist and extravagant. Born from an idea and brought to life.

Balkonzimmer Affe Chen Fan
Panoramablick Lounge
Wein- und Zigarrenlounge - Kohlezeichnung Soaring Aspirations - Ren Zhe
Balkonzimmer Büffel - Wieser (2)
Hotel 12 final
Fernblick hotel12 - Ossiacher See (1)
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