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The cuisine of the "restaurant12" is simple, delicious, down-to-earth and Austro-Alpine. From Carinthian cheese pasta to traditional apple strudel and the alpine BBQ. Our chef Thomas Mühlak uses only local produce, oven-fresh baked goods from the local community or the milk products of our neighbouring farmers. Through his years of experience in the Austrian cuisine, he combines his skills and creativity in all of our dishes and thus creates always a little surprise for our guests.

The result is a small but succinct menu with clear flavours, fresh ingredients and pure taste. Between industrial chic, rustic wooden tables and a 12-meter-long art work wall, the dishes are prepared with the highest and traditional perfection.

One of the many reasons why you feel comfortable in restaurant12.

Wine and Cigar Lounge

The wine and cigar lounge is a retreat in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sit back, listen to the sounds of music or enjoy the secluded tranquillity with a good book (found in many areas around the hotel or unwind for the evening with an aperitif. Selected wines - hand-rolled cigars and unforgettable moments of flavour.

For connoisseurs of fine wines we recommend especially our h12 Cuvee Reserve, 2011, which was specially bottled for us and matched perfectly with our selected h12 cigars.

Private Dining

Are you looking for an exceptional place for a special occasion?

Then you have come to the right place ...

Whether it is for an intimate gathering with close family and friends or a meeting with business partners, we are pleased to offer our little mountain cabin for a group of 12 persons or under for a very private evening with friends or family at hotel12.


hotel12 at 1750 meters, away from the bustle below.

It is a discreet place to conduct business but also a place where, through art and nature, inspire creative ideas.

Just something else…..

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